5B9A3826There is an old saying in the film business; “A film is never completed, just abandoned.”

We initially thought we had picture lock.  However, we decided to put Touch under the proverbial microscope – the test audience.  For the past two months Touch has been test-screened by film/television colleagues as well as selected people outside the business.  After feed back, we went back into the editing room and made adjustments.  We are happy to say, Touch is now complete.  The film festival submission process now starts in earnest; more on that later!

Huge thanks for the support and patience to all who helped bring this story to the screen. It has been an amazing ride  going from the script stage, to production, to post-production, and now, marketing. Can’t say enough about the amazingly talented cast and crew.  Speaking of which, there will be a cast/crew screening within the next few weeks.