2017 International Izmir Short Film Festival (Turkey)

The International Izmir Short Film Festival is the largest event of its kind in Turkey, and the first to award prizes to international short films. Since its inauguration in 2000 this has become one of the country’s most prestigious film festivals, drawing many respected film figures from beyond Turkey’s borders.


2017 Pentedattilo Film Festival (Italy)

The Pentedattilo Film Festival is one of the most important Festivals for Short Movies in Southern Italy.

The PFF is held every year in the ancient ghost town of Pentedattilo, near Reggio Calabria. The village, defined by the nineteenth-century traveler Edward Lear “The strangest human dwelling place” is perched on a strange rock shaped as a giant hand, and it has recently experienced a cultural recovery that has made it one of the most significant destination for the spread of international short films.  Every year the Pentedattilo Film Festival offers 5 days of screenings, seminars, films, special events to those insatiable travellers who explore unusual borders.  You have to see it to believe it: a small town still injured by the abandonment, that gets filled with words, ideas images.  The Pentedattilo Film Festival aims to foster ideas and artistic exchanges and represents an emblem of change and creative sharing.


2017 Catacumba Film Festival (Spain)

A cultural, artisan and resistant project developed in Godella (Valencia, Spain).
The 15th edition of the festival aims to collect independent cinematographic proposals that offer an alternative look created from the transversality that allows the filmic language. Works that subvert morality somehow, disarticulate the repressions, our philias and phobias, as well as works that evidence the structural defects of the society in which we live.