Touch lead actor Krystin Pellerin received the award at the Dieciminuti Film Festival, in Ceccano, Italy, on Jan. 28, 2017.

Festival director Alessandro Ciotoli: “Krystin Pellerin is amazing in her role of single mother in Touch, a heartwarming short film that leaves a window of hope open by saying that it is possible to love despite the adversities.”

This is the second award Touch has won at an Italian Film Festival. Six months ago, Touch was selected as Best Drama at the Castellaneta Film Festival. Castellaneta is the birthplace of silent screen icon Rudolph Valentino.

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Touch photo by Duncan de Young (L-R) Actors: Darryl Hopkins, Jorja King, Benjamin Harris, Krystin Pellerin. Writer/Director: Noel Harris, Producer: Mark O’Neill.